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These machine is mainly useful for the sealing and packing of cartons, which can be single - unit operation or also equipped on to the production line. It is widely used in the field of electrical domestic appliances, foodstuffs, general merchandise, medicine and chemical industry.

Semi Automatic Carton Sealer Semi Automatic Carton Sealer

Top and bottom drive belts Inter changeable top bottom tape cartridge 2” / 3” top and bottom tape head Tape overlap length can be adjusted from 55mm-65mm to 75mm infeed /outfeed (Optional) Roller working table Manual top squeezers blade guards Crank handle adjust leg height adjustment 240mm Caster Wheel with locking.

Fully Automatic Carton SealerFully Automatic Carton Sealer

Automatic Carton Sealer’s driving sealing height and two sides clamping width is automatically adjusted by photoelectric and pneumatic mechanism, which can be adjusted at will handy and covenient.

Semi Automatic Carton Sealer
Fully Automatic Carton Sealer
Model Semi Automatic Carton Sealer Fully Automatic Carton Sealer
Conveyor Speed 0-20m/min 24m/min
Max. Package Size W 500 x H 600mm W 500 x H 500mm
Min. Package Size W 140 x H 150 W 170 x H 100 x 150mm
Power Supply 220-240v / 50-60Hz, 1 Phase
Power Consumption 180w 220w
Width of Tape(mm) 36, 48, 60, 72 48, 60, 72
Machine Size 166 x 74 x 159 cm 1150 x 660 x 1420
Machine Weight 120kg 150kg
Semi Automatic Strapping Machine Semi Automatic Strapping Machine

  • Instant heating in only 20 seconds

  • Durable electro-magnetic clutch transmission increase motor life, strapping speed and reduce overall machine noise

  • The unique design of control switch, independent PCB control for feeding & heating make the unit maintenance friendly.

  • One Touch machine operation energy saving mode activates within 1.5 sec of non-use and allows for instant operation

  • Stainless steel frame is aviailable for strapping moisturized products.
  • Semi Automatic Strapping Machine
    Model FP 90 High-Table/ FP 90DU Double Door FP 90L Low- Table Strapping MachineFP- 96 Strapping Machine
    Strapping Speed 1.5 Seconds/ Strap 1.5 Seconds/ Strap
    Strapping Force 60 kg.(max) 60 kg.
    Strap Width 9.15mm 9.15mm
    Power Supply & Consumption 220v, 50/60 Hz / 0.65 KW - 1Phase 220v, 50/60 Hz / 0.65 KW
    Dimensions 895 x 565 x 735 mmH 1570 x 565 x 480 mmH 895(L) x 540(w) x 835mmH
    Dimensions 90 kg 80 kg 80 kg
    Automatic Strapping Machine Automatic Strapping Machine
  • Fast Strap Change : Front loading and inserting of strap for convenient service

  • Ergonomic Design : Provides comfortable and safe operation for various sizes, shapes and materials of straps.

  • Fast Strapping: Strapping is quickly accomplished in only 1.5 seconds.

  • Simplified Structures: Makes unit easy to operate and maintain.

  • Safely: The spool dispenser is built inside the machine CE certified electronic components ensure dependable control.
  • Automatic Strapping Machine
    Model FP 118 Automatic FP 600 Pallet Semi Automatic
    Strapping Speed: 30 Straps/min 2.5 Sec/Strap
    Machine Tension: 10 - 70 kg 5-60kgs
    Strap Width: 9-15mm (PP or PE) 12-15mm (PP or PE)
    Power : 1 Phase AC, 220v, 50/60 Hz-0.4kw AC, 220v, 50/60 Hz-0.3kw
    Weight 142kg 80kg
    Table - Type Semi Automatic Strapping Machine Table - Type Semi Automatic Strapping Machine

    Model FPT is suitable for packing small packs such as bank note, financial documents, parcel post press work and gift etc. It is widely used in differnt fields such as post office, bank and book store.

    Table - Type Semi Automatic Strapping Machine
    Model FPT
    Voltage AC 220/50 110/60
    Power Consumption 90w
    Max. Strapping size(W x H)(mm) Not Stipulated
    Min. Strapping size(W x H)(mm) 60 x 15
    Strapping Speed: 1.8 Sec/Strap
    Width of Strapping Belt(mm) 6-10
    Dimension (L x W x H)(mm) 665 x 335 x 200
    Net Weight 18kg